Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy birthday, sis akma!

Happy Birthday, dear NUR AKHMAL!!

happy birthday to my sis akma (housemate+roomate+bestfwen+sister!)

sweet 25th dear!wat a great 4 years knowing and stuck wif YOU!hehe
kad ini sengaja diletakkan bersama mug MAYBANK,kerana lala sgt syg MAYBANK!

ice age 3-dawn of the dinosours

(tgv klcc+8.30p.m+21July2009+3D)
best!tgk lak dgn besties!mmg best sbb 3D!
kelakar!sid always messing around!
loves the squirrels-in-love too+the laugh gases part!
and lots of 3D movies coming out.....!!!

yes..!this is how we look in 3D Dolby Digital Spectacle!!haha

Monday, July 20, 2009

harry potter and the half blood prince!

(tgv klcc+8.30p.m+20july2009)
i wud say this sixth muvie can be categorized as 'can-be-accepted' kinda of muvie..
maintaining the funny moments when 3 wizards get together..
(iyha suke persahabatan harry bersama2 rakan2..eeik!)
can't believe i'd been their fan for about 6 season!

People Always Leave....

believe me..people always leave...and sometimes 'people' is YOU....

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